Project Fuchsia Could be the Next OS; Google Silently Working on Android’s Replacement

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Project Fuchsia Could be the Next OS; Google Silently Working on Android’s Replacement

Google, a leading tech giant reportedly believed to be working on the new operating system, which could replace Android. As per the report from NDTV, a small team of engineers within the company are working on a new project that might be introduced to replace the current mobile OS, which is currently dominating the mobile market. Called as Fuchsia, the new project from Google was developed from scratch and will be focused on overcoming the limitations of Android.

As new personal devices and other products are introduced in the market, the Fuchsia project is designed for enhanced voice interactions as well as frequent security patches. The project will also be compatible with devices and other small internet-connected sensors. Google Slapped with 4.3 Billion-Euro Fine by European Union for Android Antitrust Violations.

Sundar Pichai, Google CEO is believed to be the person that has guided the company towards artificial intelligence services which can reach out to the consumers everywhere.

However, not many details about the project are known right now. But, it is also reported that Google is also experimenting with applications such as interactive screen displays as well as voice commands for YouTube.  WhatsApp to Bring Fake News Verification Model Verificado in India During 2019 General Elections.

It is now learnt that Google is working on such an OS that is capable of running in-house gadgets such as Pixel phones, smart speakers, third-party devices that are compelled to run on Android and Chrome OS.

Jeffrey Grossman, co-founder of messaging app Confide said that “Switching away from Android could provide Google with the opportunity to hit the reset button on any mistakes they believe they made a decade ago.” He further continued, “They might be able to regain some power that they’ve ceded to device manufacturers and telecom carriers.”



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